BlockParty Wallet

BlockParty wallet is an in-browser Bitcoin Cash wallet which is designed to be embedded into web applications to speed up development of new blockchain apps. It does not require you to run a bitcoin node or any other software on your server, deploy and configure with just Javascript and CSS.


Who can use BlockParty?

Here’s who we can think of, but surely creative people will surprise us.

BlockParty Wallet is designed to be easily modified and extended.
Theming is made easy to match the look and feel of your application.
Focus on your idea and execution instead of trying to remake your own in browser wallet.

Embed a Bitcoin Wallet 5 minutes

BlockParty Wallet brings you the functionality you’ll need and the structure to build on, without much of a learning curve. It is minimal and aims to solve the general case while making it easy to modify for more advanced usecases.

Built for Aspiring Bitcoin Developers

This wallet was grown out of a pet project to make a Bitcoin Cash powered app. What I found was that developing the wallet part was quite a difficult task in itself. Making the wallet reusable was then chosen as a more important goal to complete first.

Ready for rapid prototyping

Comes out of the box with mnemonic generator, WIF import, qr code receive page, ability to send, realtime updates, and an action panel to list past actions done using your app. We really hope you’ll find it awesome and useful!